RoleCall FAQ

What do you mean by direct-to-talent casting?

RoleCall simplifies the overly complicated world of casting. Both talent and producers have to navigate through mass emails, massive open casting calls, and dozens of middle men to find each other. With RoleCall invites from producers and casting directors are targeted directly to talent that have specially identified themselves for a specific project type. This saves time and energy for the casting team, as well as eliminates irrelevant bulk role spamming to talent. Using a direct-to-talent strategy is faster, cheaper, and more effective for both parties. It gets creatives out form behind their computer and working on a set as fast as possible.

Why is RoleCall not free?

RoleCall is a tool for a premium network of creatives that want to work. Once RoleCall is out of Beta there will be a cost of $4 a month for every user, both actors and producers/casting directors. We do this in order to filter out those that aren’t serious about acting/modeling. We can’t build an effective network if there are people that sign up and then never log back in or if there are people that won’t reply to invites. When you give something away for free people don't value it the way they should. By have a pay-gate we know that every month each RoleCall members makes a conscious decision that they want to remain a part of the RoleCall network. These dedicated people are what will bring value to all the users of RoleCall. Producers and casting directors come to RoleCall with their best projects because they know they will find the best, most dedicate, ready to work talent. 

Each time a casting director/producer wants to search talent for their project, execute a “RoleCall”, they must pay an additional $1 per month, per live role they post. We do this to make sure that each search is deliberate and thought out. We don’t want the actors/models on RoleCall to be spammed by non professional projects or projects that aren’t ready for casting.

Can I get RoleCall on my Windows Phone?

RoleCall is currently only available on iOS and Android devices. However if you are an actor or model, all casting invites are sent to you via your personal email. So borrowing an iOS or Android devices for a few minutes to set up an account will get you into the RoleCall network and you can receive all your invites via your personal email on the device you own. 

Can I use a different email address to invite talent for specific RoleCalls?

Yes. You can email your pre-screened RoleCall talent from any email you own that is connect to your mobile device. When an email screen launches within the app just tap on your email address and select any address that you are currently log in with on your mobile device. 

Why doesn’t RoleCall have in-app messaging?

The goal of RoleCall is to be a discovery platform for producers and casting directors to find the best, most relevant talent they can. The invites and connection are currently made in-app via email. From that point on, all reoccurring communication happens outside the RoleCall app so you can use your preferred, most efficient, communication method. The casting process can be long & complex and the goal of RoleCall is to connect great talent with great projects so they can audition and get to work on set ASAP.